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High Tech Can Help You Sell
These days, high tech encompasses a world of conveniences and household functions. Rather than buying bigger, home buyers are buying smarter, looking for homes with the latest and greatest technology and updates to help them run their busy lives. Here are just a few:

Culinary Conveniences. Don't just think modern, think smart. In addition to the latest appliances, affluent buyers are also looking for convenience in the form of kitchens with dedicated space for charging appliances, docks and portals for tablets and phones to display recipe apps and cooking demos, and smart features like touchless faucets and refrigerators that create reminders when grocery supplies are low. 

In-Home Entertainment. It's not just about surround sound anymore. In-home theaters and dedicated media rooms have replaced frequent outings to the movie theater. Universal remote controls that encompass everything from lighting to sound to multiple media devices are replacing remotes dedicated to one device. Large, high-definition flat-screen monitors - often wall-mounted - can connect to multiple devices and display everything from live television to media libraries to personal computers and tablets.

Environmental Controls. Forgot to turn down the thermostat before leaving on vacation? No problem, if you've upgraded to a smart thermostat that can be accessed by mobile phone from virtually anywhere.. In addition to checking the thermostat, smartphones can also be programmed for home surveillance.

Bells and Whistles. For really ambitious and tech-savvy homeowners, there are gadgets for every room, including toilets that conserve water and play soothing music, air purifiers that rely on nanotechnology instead of standard filtration systems, and motorized, robotic lawn mowers and window cleaners. Homeowners can switch their homes over to smart keys to unlock doors and floor plan light switches that control whole-house lighting from one panel.


The Art of Upholstery: talk and demonstration in conjunction with Lexington Arts & Crafts show "Art for All Seasons" 
March 14th @ 1 PM
  Bold Color/Bold Strokes
March 14th @ 12:30PM

This workshop will focus on pastel techniques
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