The sun is shining and the days are getting longer, so what better time to look for your new home? If you can take the heat of a little competition, then now’s the time to get moving…and here’s why!


The summer real estate market offers buyers many choices with many new listings to see each week. New to market listings begin to dwindle when the weather gets colder toward the end of the year, so now is a good time to see a variety of different houses that may be your next home. You'll have more opportunities to find a few specific items on your checklist than you will as winter approaches. This also should give you a little peace of mind that if you miss out on a good property due to a bidding war, you're likely to find a new property to hit the market that meets your needs.

School's out!

As a parent, you want to minimize the disruption for your kids, which makes the summer an excellent time for a move. Not only will you be able to bring your children to showings to get their approval (if that's important to you), but you'll also be to coordinate your move-in while they’re out of school, making for a less stressful move on all of you.

If you’re moving to a new school district, you’ll want to get in before the start of the year to avoid having the kids switch schools mid-year.

Curb Appeal

This is prime time for curb appeal! With trees and flowers in bloom, you are getting the best possible first impression from your potential new home. Also, the warm weather brings the neighbors outside! Take advantage of this to get a sense of the neighborhood and don’t hesitate to ask the neighbors any questions.

Selling your current home

If you need to sell to buy, this is a great time of year to get a good price on your home and quickly if it's priced right. The market is hot during the summer so you should be able to avoid carrying two mortgages if you time everything properly.

Each season comes with the good and the bad, but overall the summer is a great time to be out there looking for your new home. If we can help you in any way or if you would like more information, please contact us at or 617-974-9275.