When most people think about real estate, they imagine the springtime. There's a good reason for this; spring is traditionally the busiest season when it comes to home sales. But did you know that fall is the second busiest time of year for the real estate market?


One of the reasons for the uptick in home sales during the autumn months is that summertime is traditionally vacation season. Homeowners simply aren't around enough to stage their homes and put them on the market. Stifling weather can also make it a less-than-agreeable time to search for a new house. And let's face it – in the summer, people want to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures By fall, temperatures are agreeable and neighborhoods are filled with the fall cheer of mums, pumpkins, and changing leaves.


Here are just a few reasons that make fall a great time to list your home for sale:


The kids are back in school. Kids can make a home search more hectic than necessary, which is why many prospective homebuyers prefer to shop around without their kids in tow. Once school starts up, buyers can head out on a home search unencumbered. And if you're selling, it's easier to keep a home clean and ready for showings if the kids aren't traipsing in and out with wet swimsuits and muddy feet.


You can use the season to your advantage. The fall season just exudes a feeling of hearth and home. You can capitalize on this warmth when staging your house to sell. And autumn is a truly beautiful time of year. Fall colors are warm and inviting, so start with a seasonal wreath on your front door or some planters in your front yard brimming with cheerful fall flowers. Indoors, use warm lighting, seasonal décor, and scents to help you sell. Nothing says "home" like the smell of cinnamon or pumpkin. Baskets or bowls of fall fruits like apples and peaches are a practical alternative to flower arrangements and make a house feel like a home without being obtrusive or gaudy. Keep it tasteful and make sure to stay on top of your landscaping – remove fallen leaves often so that your yard looks well maintained.


Make your move before the holidays. No one wants to be living out of boxes by the time the holidays roll around. The late fall and winter holidays are traditionally a time of year centered around home. By selling – and buying – this fall, you can be situated in your new home and ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.


What are you waiting for? If you're thinking of selling your home, contact your real estate agent now and get your home onto the market with an eye toward selling before the winter weather sets in.


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