Sometimes city dwellers find themselves in need of a change of scenery. This can be for many reasons – a job change, a need for more space, or a growing family, just to name a few. For some die-hard urban residents, a move to the suburbs can be a big step, but there are plenty of suburbs that echo the charm and vibrancy of a more metropolitan setting.


If you're finding yourself in the position of moving from the city to the suburbs, here are a few considerations that can help you pinpoint the type of community and home that will best suit you:

Affordability. What kind of housing can you get for your dollar? Home affordability varies widely in suburbs. Where can you get the most bang for your buck?

Elbow Room. How much home can you afford? Do you want a large lot with a yard to maintain, or are you looking for something a little less outdoor upkeep? Do you need a large home, or will a smaller home with a certain charm or "feel" be more appealing?

Community Dynamic. Suburbs come in all shapes and sizes. Some consist of huge homes with sprawling lawns and the convenience of big box stores, while others maintain a smaller, more urban feel with quaint, walkable downtown areas featuring independent shops, bars, and bistros. Which atmosphere is right for you?

Education. Generally speaking, resale values are higher in communities with quality schools. Even if you don't have school-age children, your community's school system could affect whether you can easily sell your home in the future.

Safety. Obviously, some communities boast a lower crime rate than others. You'll want to do a little research into how safe a suburb is before you commit to buying a home.

Transportation. What is the public transportation system like? Is there good access to major highways? This can be a particularly important question if you are still working in the city and will need to commute.

Things to Do. Does the community boast a vibrant social scene? Are there clubs, sports associations, and community groups that interest you? What about parks and open spaces?


The communities of Winchester and Arlington have a lot to offer in terms of the arts and cultural opportunities, community clubs and teams, accessible outdoor spaces, and proximity to Boston. Both towns offer a "best of both worlds" vibe that appeals to families, professionals, commuters, and those who wish to become involved in their communities. If you're considering moving from the city to the suburbs or you're looking for a new home in a suburban setting, include Arlington and Winchester in your home search.


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